Research and Development

At SMT you can expect a team of engineers who are well trained and experienced in hardware and software development, casing design and testing device development.

Our highly qualified engineers can manage a project from the idea and requirements presented to us by a business partner to selecting suitable solutions, hardware and software development, mechanical and housing design, technical documentation, certification and developing testing tools to assure product quality. Furthermore we offer customer support and counseling throughout the entire process od developing, manufacturing, implementation and products lifespan which helps build a stable partnerships.

Scope of development

design of electric circuitry

Analog circuit boards and components:
Signal processing: filterintg compression, expansion signals, power converters and battery power

Digital circuit boards and components:
DSP, ARM, soft-core processors
Programmable logical circuitry: CPLD, FPGA

Multilayer circuit board (Tools: Altium designer, P-CAD, CamTastic)
Modeling casings mechanical packaging (Tools: Solid Works)
3D pattern printing
Carrying out procedures for obtaining appropriate testing reports and necessary certificates


Areas of intensive development

  • Capturing and digitally processing data on ai???embeddedai??? and ai???PCai??? systems.
  • Digital wireless communication (SRD free band devices, WiFi, ai??i??).
  • Development of communication devices:
  • For communicating through GSM or CDMA networks 3G and 4G/LTE;
  • Wireless internet oriented communication: GPRS, CDMA, 3G and 4G/LTE, WIFI point to point and Bluetooth ai??i??;
  • Communication through Ethernet networks and classic phone networks;
  • Protocol data exchange (PPP, TCP/IP, FTPai??i??) at the ai???embeddedai??? level.
  • Development of data set transfer: USB, RS232, RS485, and RS422ai??i??
  • Software and hardware development, that allows monitoring, programming and remote device setup.
  • Device planning that is in compliance with international standards and experience in certifying electronics systems (EMC and product safety reports, CE certificates, certificates in accordance with the CB scheme).