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Gregor Lazar

Vasya Plesničar

Veronika Lovrec

Kristina Krt

Contact the sales team directly by emailing

Product Development

  • Our engineering staff is highly qualified and experienced. We will choose the best solutions and materials for your product, and develop the hardware/software to implement it.

    • mechanical design

    • design of enclosures (enclosure and housing)

    • prepare technical documentation (production, manufacturing specs, end-user specs)

    • testing tools

  • We have production lines dedicated to development, prototyping, and small specialty runs to create 3D designs of the product for proof of concept. Because of this, our turnaround time is extremely fast. Once, the product design is approved we will produce the first A & B prototypes that are production-ready.

    *The capability to use various soldering alloys including lead is available


  • We use 5 loading lines with Fuji and Assembleon machines.

    • We can assemble SMT components class 01005

    • The maximum PCB dimensions for SMT placing is 600x1200mm

    • We can replace BGA components with our Metcal APR5000 rework station

  • We adjust the number of workstations for manual assembly of THT components based on project requirements and lead time. Our workstations are flexible and provide functional testing, enclosure assembly, and integration with electronics. Depending on product characteristics, we use Ersa powerflow N2, that operates in a nitrogen atmosphere. Because of that, we have our own nitrogen supply facility to ensure an uninterrupted supply.

  • We are capable of multiple soldering methods. One method includes using a wave oven that operates in a nitrogen environment. To ensure an uninterrupted supply of nitrogen, we installed our own nitrogen generator.

    While soldering electronic assembles, we follow the requirements stated in the international IPC A-610-E (class 2) standard.

  • Our conformal coating production line on the Mycronic MYC50 is for silicone or acrylic base protection to support customer requirements and protection against environmental conditions. 

    • Temperature and Humidity Testing

    • Thermal Shock Testing

    • X-Ray

    • AOI

    • In-Circuit Testing

    • Failure Analysis

    • Control of solder paste

    • Electrical testing of electronic modules

    • New testing methods with custom-made testing instruments

Logistics & Support

  • When working with a customer, we store the necessary materials and then pack and ship final products when finished. ​​

  • Our support team is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. If you do not have a salesperson, please reach out to us at

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